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Excellent for the body, based on pure almonds, to be used for massages or after a shower to moisturize the skin, emollient, moisturizing, elasticizing.
This body oil is suitable for all skin types.
Thanks to sweet almonds, cold-pressed and treated without the use of solvents, body massages are particularly suitable. Useful as an anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, anti-stretch mark.
A hint of sudden rain, accompanied by a shy and faint wind caressed this land, my land
A holm oak offered me shelter, and while the rustling of the branches and leaves seemed like a song, perfume enveloped my mind.
I was ecstatically immersed in listening as if bewitched by that smell that had always belonged to me but that I had never felt so on me.
Hence the inspiration for this new fragrance of mine, Vesevo.
In Vesevo I translated my olfactory sensation, the experience I experience every time I step on this volcano.
Vesevo is a warm, dusty, and intense fragrance!
able to represent and reinterpret the undisputed strength of this nature.
Cashmere wood, Patchouli, Oud, Incense, and Ciprol give shape to the character of this new fragrance of mine: incandescent, passionate, decisive ..
like Vesuvius, my land.
Head: Cashmere wood, Cotton candy Heart: Patchouli, Cipriol Incense Bottom: Musk, Oud, Wood Bouquet