VESEVO - 20ml

A hint of sudden rain, accompanied by a shy and faint wind caressed this earth, my earth
A lyse offered me shelter, and while the flocking of branches and leaves looked like a song, a scent enveloped my mind.
I was estatically immersed in a listen, as bewitched by that smell that had always belonged to me but that I had never felt so on me.

Hence the inspiration for my new Fragrance vesevo property.
In vesevo I translated my olfactory sensation, the experience I live every time I step on this Volcano.

Vesevo, Iase it's a Fragrance hot, dusty and intense!
able to represent and reinterpret the undisputed force of this nature.

Cashemire wood, Patchouli, Oud, Ciprol and mosses shape the character of my new fragrance: glowing, passionate, Decided..
like the Vesuvius My land.


Head: Cashemire wood, cotton candy.
Heart: Patchouli, Cipriol.
Bottom: Moss, Oud.
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