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Giorgia Martone writes in her book "smell is the impalpable reign of imagination, perfumes are the key to get there", and working on this fragrance, for me, has kind of felt like opening the door of my most precious memory.

Its composition is magic, unreal, infinite.

Top notes (spearmint, bitter almond, and saffron) let guess the depth of what this fragrance has to offer.

A caress of freshness in an immediate melting of sweet and woody notes intrigue anyone to continue the magic chemistry that's about to happen!

The heart takes over, Egyptian Jasmine, tobacco leaves and cedarwood open the curtains to the excess that's in it, rendering it infinitely sweet, passionate.

The background ends this olfactive narrative, woody shades and tones make it determined, confidence, really leaving everyone with their mouth open...

She is Carmè, her narrative describes the fragrance, describes Carmè.