Does summer scent really exist?

Il profumo estivo esiste davvero?

profumo estivo mine perfume lab

It is well known that perfume has always been an accessory that is rarely put aside, for centuries the protagonist and distinctive feature of every single personality.

But let's get to the point.

Can perfumes be categorized by seasonality?

We commonly call "summer perfume" a fragrance with fresh, citrusy, brackish or spicy notes that they are; on the other hand, winter is considered a perfume with warm scents, enveloping almost like an additional layer of clothes to wear.

From a technical point of view, there are, as a matter of fact, scents that are closer to warmer months.

We could mention several but the most important are:

  • Citrus notes: fresh but with character, whether they are sweet or bitter;
  • Salty notes: reminiscent of the delicate sea breeze on a sultry day;
  • Aromatic notes: which mainly share herbs such as basil, sage, rosemary and so on;
  • Fresh floral notes: a spring riot of delicate flowers, aquatic and more.
  • Green and fruity notes: an echo of vibrant green notes and sweet scents.

These notes, if predominant, make the perfume certainly more suitable for hot days, as they give an olfactory sensation of immediate freshness.

The fragrances Mine Perfume Lab


Hope , the brilliance of the green tea leaves, the sour sweetness of the cedar blend with the sea moss that completes the structure.


Sun , a riot of sensations and scents that bring to mind tropical places. A rich, fruity and floral heart adorned with citrus top notes and a warm and intense base.

sale e muschio mine perfume lab


Salt & Musk , the fragrance par excellence that dresses the fresh summer scents, recalling a pleasant day by the sea.

fico edp mine perfume lab


Last but not least, Fig , a fragrance not so predictable as it may seem from the name, this perfume in fact was created to remember with its green notes and gourmand touch, a pleasant summer day sitting under the shade of a fig tree.

We can conclude by saying: "And which one would you choose?".

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