The fragrances that women love to smell on men: a determining factor?

Le fragranze che le donne amano sentire sugli uomini: un fattore  determinante?
We know how much the female world is articulated and often complex to understand.
Well, when it comes to perfumes, it is even more so!
In fact, an average woman is very demanding on the fragrance worn by her man, studies determine that she is even a discriminant that defines the continuation of a knowledge.
So it is clear how fundamental and intractable the details are!
In fact, a perfume is not just a thing to wear, it acquires different values ​​according to who uses it or perceives it.
Could we therefore consider it a means of communication?
Absolutely yes, a way of expressing oneself that does not resort to verbal or other, but simply to the finest and most acute sense: olfaction.
A human being through scents can dig into the deepest memories, unites them with things, people and events and this is a predominant variable.
The smell, as we know: it is the greatest ally of memory, allows us to travel in time and is a very powerful detonator of memories.
For this reason the olfactory character of a male perfume can be able to reawaken in the memory of a woman unique and unrepeatable sensations.
The perfume worn by a man becomes a stylistic component, distinguishes his mood , denotes a very specific personality of him.
If we then refer to the sensitivity and perception of a woman, then the case becomes more intrinsic, it is useless to deny how the female opinion can often be naked and raw.

What does Mine Perfume Lab recommend?


niche parfum santal mine perfume lab 100ml
“Santal” , mononote that releases an enveloping sensation of sensuality and
A single ingredient contains a riot of unique, unmistakable, sumptuous scents.
A magnet for those who perceive it, a distinctive trait for the wearer.


niche parfum oud 100ml mine perfume lab
Second proposal "Oud" (to which we have dedicated an entire article ), if we are talking about men's perfumes with attraction we could not fail to mention it.
Sophisticated, mystical, ancestral, a perfume that with a single ingredient manages to become the absolute protagonist.

With its typical smoky aroma , resinous and balsamic, it recalls atmospheres Middle Eastern and the sublime beauty of Arab culture.
Shrouded in mystery, this fragrance will captivate you at the first impact.


fragranze maschili amate dalle donne cuoio 100ml mine perfume lab
"Leather" , a particularly distinct perfume and without competition , a uniquely bold, decisive and intense scent.
This ingredient is considered historical heritage of perfumery , over the centuries the aroma of leather became the basis of various fragrances.
The leather notes blend with a bouquet of precious woods to be able to give the best of itself when it is released.


le fragranze che le donne amano sentire sugli uomini
Another proposal "Woods and Spices" , an articulated Eau de Parfum, rich in nuances and scents that make it bewitching and intriguing.
A fragrance that wears the name of elegance, with its spicy and citrus notes acquires an initial sprint that is adorned with a woody base of
cedar and oak moss.
A powerful weapon of seduction , spokesperson for refinement and class.


le fragranze più amate dalle donne sugli uomini vetiver
Another perfume not to be omitted is definitely "Vetiver" , men's perfume par excellence.
Our variant is a very fresh citrus bouquet that combines with woody and sober notes, characteristic of vetiver.
A fragrance of authentic elegance, manifesto of a virility that has remained undisputed over time
In short, choosing a perfume is equivalent to choosing the most incisive of your "business cards", something that is not easy, but which, if done wisely, will become a plus for winning over a woman!

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