What is OUD: the oriental aroma that has bewitched the West

Cos'è l'OUD: l'aroma orientale che ha stregato l'occidente

How many times have you heard this name and asked yourself: "what exactly is OUD?"

Let's find out together what its origins and characteristics are.

What is OUD and where does it come from?

This particular ingredient is born on the bark of only two trees in the world: Aquilaria and Gyrinops , of Indian origin.

Its primary characteristics are that of being very rare and valuable , given that the homonymous resin is formed only if the aforementioned trees are infected with a particular type of mold.

In nature this phenomenon occurs only for 7%.

This minimum percentage rate, together with the risk of extinction of the plants where it grows, make this aroma expensive and difficult to find.

Ancestral and Mystical, the OUD was used as a medium between God and man in Eastern culture.

A riot of beauty and sublimity that evokes the warm lands of the Middle East

It is easy to understand why this particular ingredient becomes the protagonist of the perfumery art all over the world.

In fact there are many scents that distinguish it: balsamic, smoky, spicy, bitter notes ...

Therefore, depending on the tree on which it grows and the technique used, this resin releases different facets of itself.

An ingredient that, if used absolutely or to complete an olfactory pyramid, becomes the undisputed protagonist of the fragrance.

Mine Perfume Lab offers two variants: "OUD" and "Orange Oud" , both belonging to the oriental woody olfactory family.


prfumo oud mine perfume lab 100ml edp

"OUD" is a monotonous Eau de Parfum, as the only essence used is the resin in question.

A dark, oriental perfume that envelops itself in an aura of mystery that makes it one of a kind.

Orange Oud

arancia oud profumo edp mine perfume lab

"ORANGE OUD" , on the other hand, is a reinterpretation of the absolute version, as the brightness of the citrus notes comes into play to refresh the scents, which give the fragrance charm and a intoxicating freshness.

Complex and structured, the smoky background aroma acquires an added value to satisfy more delicate and particular tastes.

In short ... praised also in the collection of short stories "A Thousand and One Nights" dating back to the 1900s, the OUD is an emblem of mysticism and absolute mystery.

Feeling its essence, visions of starry skies rebound in the mind, caravans that ply the desert to the palaces with oriental arabesques.

A journey to discover sensory emotions without place and time.

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